Friday, July 18, 2008


There are a few rotary phones in our room. The 'old school' kind. The kind we used when our phone numbers started with letters....mine was AD2-6812. They like these, and use these, because they love to talk on the phone....and because they make a cool uh..uh..uh...uh..sound when you dial the numbers.
But...when I found two cell phones that no longer worked and placed them in the out! Oh my goodness. Everyone wants one. Just like mom and dad...and brother or sister. And they know excactly what they are doing. They are texting and talking and flipping up to answer, and putting them away in their front pocket. If you don't think your kids are watching you closely...give them a play phone and sit back and watch...and listen. One is texting and the other talking (very sweetly to his mom) and then seconds later they switched roles.
I love it. Your children make me smile from one ear to the other! They are great.
I asked Brian (who works at T-mobil) to bring in some broken phones....because 2 is just not enough!

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