Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is what we are doing around the room during squirrel week. All the squirrels greeted the kids when they got to school. We are doing fingerplays and songs with them, acting out squirrel stories with them and just playing with them. Oh...our number of the week is 5...so there are 5 squirrels.
There are beans in the sensory bin and 5 little plastic squirrels that need to be hunted out.
Draw a squirrel or work on S's....or just draw.
Painting with squirrel tails!
an overview of them working....
The math table has 2 games....the picture of the squirrel on the left cracks me up....he looks like he is yelling....squirrel tag....we roll a die and move our pieces(buttons) across the board. Black one way...brown the other. With the older kids you can tag and send someone back, but we just go across. The first one to the opposite side wins.I got this game at http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/ They LOVE this one. The die only goes up to 3 though. Roll the die, count the peanuts, and put them in the bag.The playdough table has squirrel and acorn cut outs, rolling pins and brown playdough with gold sparkles!
Acorn counting book from http://www.childcareland.com/ . We cut out squirrels, crushed wheat chex, glued it on, and wrote a story about our squirrel. I will try to post more this week.

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