Thursday, January 22, 2009

Penguin Craft

Cute. Just cute.

I don't do the P.P.s (Parent Pleaser Projects) very often...and I know you do love them...but I just wanted to show Quinns. I could cut out his version of the penguin and send it home (and if you want me to I will) but usually it just goes to recycling. I wanted to show...that just because things don't come home doesn't mean we aren't doing them. He is such a creater! He sat here doing this for about 25 minutes or so...and when I say he stratigically placed the eyes...he did. He would move them around until he liked how they sat there, and then he would paint, then move the eyes around, and paint some more.

And Olivia LOVED doing her penguin...but I always feel bad when I have to help them. We used hot glue and I had to help her glue all the things on. But she did all the designing and loves it.

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