Wednesday, April 24, 2013

more outside pics's so pretty here in Seattle!! (Bellevue)
 So, so, so, sweet when the older kids 'take care' of the younger ones!!!
 It's a race!!! On your marks, get set, GO!!
 The kids at blueberry were 'showing' me around today. Here is the boat Annie!!!
 Hi Ally!!!
 Nothing like a 'secret' passage way....a feeling of "we shouldn't be going this way...hopefully nobody is watching!" have the bestest smile!!
 I hear a plane!!!

 Whatcha doin in the middle of the flowers Noah?? lol....
 Bubble time.....
 Hmmmm......bubbles are fun for a little while.....
 then when your whole body is covered in bubbles it's time to wash off.....but look!!! foot prints!!
 Hop Hop Hop!!!

 scooping with a friend....
 I wonder what sort of print my shoes will make??? hmmmm.....

 Alex just really loved standing here.

 Look!! My feet tracks!!
 How about a tractor?
Or a broom? Uh oh......lunch time.....more water fun after nap. Your kids will be wet today when you pick them up!! Just a heads up :))

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