Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School......

Today we start our back to school theme......One of the books I start with is 'if you take a mouse to school'....which is why we have mice around :) Elsie is matching up the mice and counting.

We later started out making school buses. We started with a yellow rectangle and some black circles and squares. The kids took the project from there. I like to offer glue and tape. The kids love tape! Nathan made a school bus...then wanted to make a city bus, which he is doing here....and then he made a helicopter with the blades and all! Love it!!                          

Connor is enjoying cutting! He loves to cut. He had an idea using all squares. If you notice he added his two wheels to the bottom of the blue paper. Awesome work!!

Elsie was very into glueing....Love it Else!!!


Unknown said...

Nathan LOVES tape!!! Given the chance that boy would go through a roll a day (and probably more)! ;-)
He had all kinds of stuff to say about his busses and helicopter yesterday.

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