Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brainstorm... Pumpkin Patch

Before we left for the Pumpkin Patch, we brainstormed ideas of what we might see there. These were the ideas. *Pumpkins*Cool Pumpkins*Tractors*Mud Pies*Green Pumpkins*Long Stems*Yellow Pumpkins*Purple Pumpkins*Pink Pumpkins*A lot of People and *Fat Pumpkins.
Tomorrow we will review what we actually saw compared to our list. We will then review the sequence of our day in detail.
After nap today we will wash our Pumpkins outside in this super warm weather!
Connor found some mushy pumpkins! Good thing we had our boots!

Dacia's car was full of Pumpkins....and mud. Thank you so much Dacia and Karen for Driving us up to the Pumpkin Patch!!!

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