Friday, October 19, 2007

S is for Spider

GRETA: Sometimes our spiders eat bigger bugs on their web. Then they go and walk a little bit and then they jump back to their web. That's it.
ASHLEY: When spiders eat bigger bugs we always say "you spiders are great at getting big bugs." I love you. When we love them we always like theim for every time. When we make spiders it look so cool. When we do stuff for spiders we use eyes and different colors on them. When we always do that we just like putting little feet on them and we like them becauss they eat big bugs. and alwyas when we do that it looks so pretty.
OLIVIA: We used legs for our spiders.
KAMIL: Spider. Eyes.
MASON: Spiders crawl on people. Spiders throw up. (?)

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