Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Face Painting

Kamil looks a little unsure in this picture but he actually was quite pleased with himself. While I was helping someone in the other room, he decided to paint his face. "It's tickley" he said with a little smile. We looked in the mirror and he really enjoyed the image looking back. Amazingly he had no paint anywhere else (except a few drips here and there). He was focused on his face. Unluckily....the paint at the easel is the 'washable' paint....The purple does not wash. Luckily.... Kamils mum supports his curiosity!
Too Cute!

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Anonymous said...

Kamil's grandparents from Montreal are very impressed by your wonderful work. Your blog is fascinating to read . Congratulations .
Kamil's picture speaks a thousand words.
Louise and Taoufik Zeribi