Sunday, November 25, 2007

T is for Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! We made a little feast. The kids helped with the turkey...a little. They got to see the giblets and feel the turkey inside and out. We stuffed it and put it in the oven. The kids were in charge of checking the little red timer stuck in the turkey. They were soooooo excited when it had popped up! We also made fresh beans, fresh cranberry sauce, and had canned mandarine oranges. We ran out of time for the potatos. They didn't notice.
The cranberry sauce was their favorite!......oh, I mean the sparkeling cider. We did cheers!

I am so thankful for all the beautiful children I get to spend time with during the day. I have the best group of children and their families.
Thank you so much! I hope you all had a Yummy and Thankful Thanksgiving.

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