Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Room

Our room changes every couple of weeks. I bring new things in depending on the theme and take things out that the kids tend not to go to as much. I keep all my stuff in the garage and one of these days I will post a picture of husbands nightmare! I not only change out toys but tables, chairs, and housekeeping stuff. My room is split in half....the part you are looking at holds the housekeeping, blocks, writing area, listening center, workjobs, a slide, our book/circletime rug, and the sign in sheet/coat rack. The other half is the messy room. This area has 4-5 tables with paints, crafts, sensory bin, playdough, light table, and the paint easel.

We nap in my room. Everyone has their own mat and blanket except the two youngest ones who lay on my bed. I lay on the bed and play on my computer until everyone is asleep....or about 1/2 an hour and then if anyone is still awake they get up with me.
And this is where we eat....I should fix those pictures....We use child sized plates, silverware, and paper cups. I use paper cups to help with the non spreading of germs. We eat breakfast 8:00am, snack10:00, lunch12:00, and snack3:00. I serve healthy well rounded meals.....okay...those pictures are really bugging me, I am going to fix them right now! And....yes, my chairs are all different..except the 2 blue ones. I usually get them at thrift stores or garage sales. I am a little eclectic that way....and the kids just love to fight over who gets which one. hmmmm. If any one has an all wood chair that could (I say 'could' because I have bought all these chairs with the intent to paint them up real cool...but never have) be painted, and doesn't want it anymore, I would love to have it!

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