Wednesday, April 16, 2008

outside play

He sits...waiting patiently for a nibble. Quite a while he was sitting here. I waited...patiently to see what would happen. YES! And it's a big one.

Boomer.... The stairs....As long as I have had my home daycare, the kids have loved these stairs. They sit on them, draw on them, walk, run, and jump up and down on them. But, their favorite thing to do is either ride or push something down them. Mothers and Fathers are mortified....But I guarantee...For the last 10 years...not one child has hurt themselves riding a bike down these stairs. They have a path they follow. Up the driveway, behind the big bush, down the stairs, along the walkway, and back up the driveway. It does look a little frightening at first, but the most that ever happens is they tip to the side into my flowers. The new bikes I have are great!...I just ordered 2 more. They don't tip.

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