Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Magenta Hands

A few weeks ago I read some comments about an upset mom about her child coming home from Daycare with colored hands. She couldn't understand how they could permenently color her childs hands and only have the comment 'it should wash off soon'. I thought for a moment....do I know this person? Is she talking about me??....But then I saw the picture of her son. Y'all think I am bad about paint....his hands, up to his elbow, were very bright magenta.
So today I got out the very cool foam paint from Discount School Supply. The very cool foam paint that says right on the can that it is....washable, nontoxic, and earth friendly. It happend to be....magenta. Not really thinking about the story I had previously read, I foamed it all out onto the table. "ohhhh, PINK!" "I LOVE this stuff" "Hey guys, come quick, Annie put out shaving cream...AND IT'S PINK!
I am sorry....to those parent that don't love little magenta hands....so sorry. As soon as they put their hands in, I could see the damage. I had seen that color on hands before...I knew that it wouldn't come off. I knew it would take soaking in the bath, maybe several nights, to get it off. I let them play....up to their elbows....and when they were done...we washed. and washed, and washed. Needless to say, we will not be purchasing this washable foam again.
But....they did have a very good time, and...'It should wash off soon!'

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Merchandising Team said...

Thank you for your feedback on the Colorations® Foam Paint from Discount School Supply. Quality is very important to us and after seeing your post, we immediately took steps to review the washability and labeling of our product. Although not labeled to be used like finger paint, we understand it’s sometimes used this way. We use a high-quality washable pigment in our Colorations® Foam Paint, but some are easier to wash out, depending on the vibrancy. I retested the product myself. When I washed the magenta paint off with water there was a pinkish pigment left on my skin; when I re-washed using soap, traces of pink were left in the cracks of my hands. We then reviewed the washable results of the other 10 colors of Colorations® Foam Paint and agree that the label should be updated. We will update the label on all colors to say it is “washable from skin and most surfaces with soap and water. Some colors may require an additional washing to completely remove.” Thank you again for your comments. -Mary E., Discount School Supply