Monday, September 22, 2008

water is a beautiful thing...

water is wet....and it makes you wet....and can be a pain sometimes. But....water is the most facinating object to children. These 2 were at the water table all week last week for the majority of the time we were outside. Here are some things your children are learning while playing with water. Scooping, pouring, measuring, small motor, scocialization, sensory exploration, observation, gravity, float vs sink, and more.....along with the fact that when it is really hot outside you can keep cool by dumping the water on you.... and when it is cold outside...well, you really don't want to get too wet because then it doesn't feel so great. They LOVE to dump out water. I try to get them to dump it in plants or on the grass....but watching the water hit and splash on the cement is just too cool. Quincy poured about 432 cup fulls of water on the sidewalk.
These are Olivias rock. She is cleaning them in the container full of water. she mixed them around. they came out all sparkely.
She filled and unfilled and filled and unfilled this bag of sand.

SO cute!

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