Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cornstarch and colored water

This started out as cornstarch with one container of red water, one container of blue water, and pipettes (mini mini baster sciency tools that transfer liquid). When you add the water to the cornstarch it creates this thick, more hard like, consistency and when picked up, quickly turns back into a liquid. Very cool stuff. So today they wanted more and more and more water. Then it started splashing on the floor...which needed a washcloth to clean up. They do all their own cleaning by the way....which in this case turned out to be even messier. But hey, it's Annie's, right? We are all about making messes and learning about what happens when you hit the container full of purple goo with a washcloth. It splashes!...So very cool! They really had a great time...and it all washed out.

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william2233 said...

Looks like they had loads of fun,
from a children author, Concord, Ca.