Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The crayon melting tray is back!

Yeaaa...the crayon melting tray is back. We had one...and one day it just blew up. Literally. I plugged it in, it was making funny noises, I moved the cord, and it made this HUGE pop with sparks and all. It was super old...probably about 30 years old. Luckily no kids were around.
So, I have been looking for a new (old) one, but haven't been successful. Then while I was looking around in Target...there it was. Only $19.00. I could handle that, AND, it wasn't going to blow up! So....when you arrive and pick up, if you smell that 'oh so yummy' smell of melting crayon, you know what we have been up to.
Learning about cause and effect (heat=melting crayon
Properties of matter (Solid crayon turns into melted wax)
Small motor
and of course socialization.

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