Friday, April 17, 2009


This is a baby duck...This is one of my few 'directional' projects. Meaning, they had simple directions. :) First the yellow fuzz (from our easter baskets...reuse,reduce,recycle....) Then 2 eyes, then the triangle beak, then the feather wings, all on top of a coffee filter (we didn't have any paper plates or I would have used those to make it a wee bit sturdier.
I think your kids make the cutest projects EVER!Here we are making Duck feet prints....We a few different spatulas and some forks. At the light table we are painting with feathers. We used Orange, Yellow, and Green. We painted on vellum paper (it's transparent). At the light table I also have mirrors all around to add light and to add the cool effect of seeing forever.......There is really only one table :)This is the light table a few days had pegs and boards...Cornmeal at the sensory table....Counting ducks...and placing them in numerical order.

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