Tuesday, April 28, 2009

frogs....around the room...

We made frog masks with frog tongues....They were licking up bugs left and right!

We cut them out, painted them, and blewwww.....We made these yesterday....Super cute little puppets....We got out the 'domino' blocks today. They are not regular dominos, they are building dominos. They used them for sorting, comparing, measuring, etc....Jence has made a pattern and is counting how many he has in a row....Anna and Quincy are just building a long wall....Connor is also building a pattern, with Bryans help....And Olivia is measuring, see below. Olivia started out with a long 'road'. She wanted to measure it so we got the tape measure out. It was 12". "I can make that longer" she said. "Then the number will be different"....."what do you think it will be?" I asked. "I don't know"
So she added blocks and measured again. "Wow...now it says 14" Olivia!" She got a big smile on her face and said, "I can make it bigger!" She added a couple more blocks and she ended up with 16". At that point she was done and moved on to something else. I love that she likes to measure everything. We have several tape measures in the room just for this sort of occasion. :)Thank you to the Olivias family for bringing BIG boxes!! We got one house built and a little painted, I am hoping to build some more next week. It will be the biggest development on our block!


Bev said...

Ok, now we have to do something frog-related here so we can make those masks! The big boys would love those!!

Dacia said...

I'll bring over more signs and they can sell the houses!