Monday, October 12, 2009

teacher project vs kid project

What is this? Yup, it's a spider. We made it with our hands today. So tomorrow we will add eyes and maybe some 'web', and it will be cute, and you will love it.
So here is the problem. For the little guys I have to paint their hands to get it just right. Then I have to place their hands down on the paper just so, to get the 'spider' look. Then I have to take them over -right away- after I place their hands down, and wash them so they don't paint everything else black because I have to paint someone elses hands because they are waiting. That is alot of I's, isn't it? Sure the project is cute, but your child did not really make it. I did. :)So I let the older kids paint their own hands, but what happens if they do it.....wrong? Which is something that I stive very hard NOT to do, is make the kids feel bad about doing Art wrong. But I have to tell them exactly where to put their hands....and sometimes....They do it wrong. I don't tell them though...and we move on to the next piece of paper. I say, "let's do another one Lexi!"I started getting pretty frustrated at myself, and the things I was trying hard NOT to say, but ended up having to say, like....wait, hold on, in a minute, no, not there, stop!!!!! Because they all wanted to do it at once.
So, I put out a big piece of paper and let them do it themselves. Ahhhhh, much better! Quinn and Sam painted themselves for about 20+ minutes and I just sat and listened and watched and it was so peaceful and so much less chaotic. They learned much more by doing this than by me doing it for them.
That is why we don't bring home very much 'cutsie' art work. :)'s because I love your kids so much and love when they are doing it, not me.

Ooohhh, this is cool. I have plexi glass pieces that we paint on, shaving cream on, window crayon on, but today we used window pens. Have you seen those? Cool dude......I printed out some spider pictures and taped them under the plexi glass and set them out with the pens. Me likey!


Michelle said...

Oh Annie, I agree with you on so many levels!!! Process over product... that is my motto. The kids know it's a spider, THAT is all that matters!! Love the plexi glass, definately will try to find some of that for here. As always, You are my inspiration!! Thanks for all you do for those kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

I just discussed the exact same thing in this month's parent newsletter! I'm working on a whole new approach to this right now myself, trying to find the right balance in our projects.

Cicely said...

This really explains Quincy's VERY black fingernails! lol

Annie's Alphabet said...

Yes, that explains his black fingernails...and arms, and hair, and maybe toes too. :)I love how Quinn puts his 'whole' self into his work.
Thank you for the nice words...I am glad you are helping children have a long love for arts and not doing it for them :)

Ms Debbie said...

Love it!