Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baggie Books

The other night in class I learned about "baggie books" This is probably the coolest and easiest thing I have learned about in a long time. This is what you need....Baggies, and pick the sandwhich baggies. I tried to get the bigger size and they all have writing on the baggie so you can add a date. You want to make sure there is no writing on the baggie. Cardstock cut to a tad smaller than the baggie. Then you can use anything you want to decorate the pages. I used the foam pieces and pictures. I like the foam pieces because they are raised up and it gives the children a different sense to 'read' the book to. You will need a stapler to staple the edges and some thick tape. I used different colors of duct tape.

I placed the photos on the cut to size paper.

I then added words, pictures, and the foam stickers. I placed the pages into the baggies and stapled the edge. Make sure the opening to the bag is to the left of the page....the zipper opening is to go where the binding goes.

Once you staple, cover the edge with duct tape. I love the colors!

I put about 3 or 4 layers. Sometimes the staples don't close all the way so the tape helps cover the pointy part of the staples. Then cut off the edge that hangs over the top of the book.Here are a few pages of another book I made. By the way....Wellington is our friend from England. We are doing a pen pal deal with the 'Cheeky Monkey' daycare. I still have another book to make. We swapped out stuffed animals and then we take pictures of the different places the animals went and send a book so the kiddos can see different places through the animals!! Cool huh? Our guy that is in England is named Washington and she has taken him to Egypt!!! I will post pics of that book when it arrives.

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