Friday, April 22, 2011

cookies and bunnies


First they decorated their table...then the cookies. They were Yummy!

These are a bit backwards....but here are the bunnie baskets. I usually don't do projects that the kids can't do mostly by themselves, but I found this on one of the sites and thought the kids would really enjoy carrying them around AND...I happened to have 10 milk cartons waiting for the perfect project. The kids picked out all the colors of the items that they wanted and Korina and I hot glued them on. To give it their own little touch I let them 'decorate' with colored sharpies! The did really enjoy playing with them!!

Campbell who is 2 was filling hers up with little people. cute.
Addy decorated just about every little space she could find :)

Even the bottom :)

I can't remember where the bunny idea came from...probably from one of you gals who might read this. If so, speak up! Sorry....I run through so many great ideas!!

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