Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bubbles and Boomer

Just because I like this photo....she was being very careful to carry her soap filled wand up the stairs....she slowly turned around and raaaan down the stairs with a trail of bubbles following. He was so proud of this bubble.....he stood looking at it for about 3 minutes until POP!
Competing for the bubble mixture.....

Kamil decided to hang low on his cruuuzer. He would go around the tree or around us, turn and yell....HI ANNIE!.... then giggle....and away he went with 'Kamil satisfaction'.
Look close and you will see the blur of Boomer. I am pretty sure he thinks he is a kid on a bike, racing with the rest. They yell, 'GO' and Boomer starts running with them....he usually wins (but only he knows it) and then he turns around with the others and starts pushing up the hill. He waits at the the others...then 'GO'...and he is off again.

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