Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Week 'Messy Room' activities

Our room has a split...the non messy part and the messy part. The messy area is where we do all the painting, gluing, sensory tub, playdough, crafts, and...well....messy stuff.
I have set out bunnies, plastic grass, Easter shaped pasta, paper, and glue. They can create whatever they want.
The light table has the clear plastic sheets, pastel paint, and Q-tips. They also asked for paper to makes prints.
These are the 2 easles....Each easle has 3 colors so they have to cooperate to get the colors they want. Working hard at the playdough table. There are a variety of easter shaped cookie cutters....on the other side of the wall is their 'fort'. A table with a slide connected to it.
The sensory bin is filled with colored pasta and plastic eggs.

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