Friday, March 14, 2008

Daycare Date Night

Fun, Fun, Fun! They made this has stringed holiday lights on top, and scarves hanging down. This was a terrific activity until.....the pizza man came. Everybody changed into their pajamas. The changing into pajamas was a very exciting event. They were jumping and laughing loud. They ate, and ate, and ate pizza! I ordered 2 large and these very small little people, only six of them, ate through both of the pizzas, with 3 pieces left over. My goodness...where does it go? Then they played some games (I'm working on adding a video...ooooh, so techy of me) while I made cupcakes. We ate the cupcakes, no frosting, but with vanilla ice cream. Yummy. Then off to the 'very off limits' upstairs. They were so excited to go up there. This is where the 'movie theatre' is. We watched Peter Pan. Then, as the movie was ending, mom's, dads, and aunts, started climbing the stairs. Actually....the night went very quickly. The kids had a great time....and yes, I had a great time also. Thank you! the way....Kamil is hiding behind the draping scarves. Goodnight!

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