Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is part of our new science area. I want to do a few more things to it before I totally blog about it. They really like what is already there! Right now I put in pink playdough that smells like vanilla and cinnamon, smooth shiney rocks, large noodles, copper cake pans, heart placemats, and later I added heart cupcake papers.
In the sensory bin there is a variety of colors of rice. I made it simply by adding dropfuls of liquid watercolor from www.discountschoolsupply I added heart playing cards they can match up and heart containers.

The easle has pink, white, purple, and red....They all decided to come into the messy room this morning. I did just put out the playdough...nice and warm. The other table has some stamping. I just added some liquid watercolor to paper towel strips and let them stamp away with heart stamps.Armaan and Alondra are sitting in the reading area and Alondra was reading him a book. Of course she moved before I could take the shot. She loves to 'take care' of him!

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