Monday, January 25, 2010

Room arrangement

I am going back to school to finish my ECE. I have already taken most of the classes needed but am about 6 classes shy of having that degree. I started last Tuesday but signed up late so had already missed 2 classes, and I have been trying to make that up. One of the books we are working out of is an awesome book! I will give you the name in my next post. It is about room arrangement. I have always had 'learning areas' in my room, but have always thought something missing. I re-arrange my room sometimes monthly trying to find the 'perfect' way. I think I have stumbled upon it with the help of this book. So far I have changed 2 areas, the book area and the science area. I will post the book area first and then I will post the science area in a bit. Our teachers exampl of what NOT to do, was put the the reading area next to a doorway and to have it open...becuase then it is too noisy and traffic will distract. Hmm....Mine is open and next to the door. My room is small. I thought about moving the reading area somewhere else, but I love how much light comes in at this spot. This is where we used to do circle time and never really thought it that bad of a spot....until now. Try not to look at the mess....but wow! What a difference!
Just adding curtains and a few plants transformed this little area into a haven! The children LOVED it! All morning they hung out in there and read!!

I also added some new pillows. The board you see in the background has the childrens pictures, their names and birthdates, and pictures of their homes. (Some haven't brought in pictures.) I covered it with plexi glass so it wouldn't get ruined. Our little 9 month old Campbell loves to go look at her parents. The other day she was kissing her dad!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is just incredible! It's amazing what just a couple little changes did. I'm so impressed! I do know that when I put in my little cozy corner, it was a huge hit as well.
By the way, your room is huge compared to mine! People that have seen my website always expect it to be bigger because they can't imagine we fit that much into such a little space!

Unknown said...

What an amazing transformation! I have a smallish room as well, and my book corner is near the door. However, I've blocked it off with short shelves and that seems to help. that I see your set up though, I just might want to try the curtain!

Michelle said...

What an awesome job Annie!!! It looks so inviting and cozy!! I can't wait to see what you do inthe science center!!!

Cicely said...

I am glad it lasted through the week... hope it lasts one more week! Where did Quincy's family pics go? Did we bring to many gorgeous pictures of his mother, making it hard to decide? I understand... we have no pics up at our house either for the same reasons. HA

Annie's Alphabet said...

oh, my bad Cicily...sorry. I will get that up today. Sometimes it just goes in and out. :)

Carole said...

Hi, good stuff here. I'm a newbie reader of yours, but will be back!