Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!!

My New Years Resolution.......To Blog Again!
It has been awhile. One of the big changes for me in 2009 was to move from 8 children by myself to 12 children with someone helping me. At first I thought it would be hard, then I thought it would be easier with someone else around, and then I thought it would be hard again. It has ended up being a great decision and I love Korina who is our Assistant. It does get a little hectic sometimes, especially when the rainy days keep us inside, but we have figured out ways to seperate and conquer! My space is not huge, matter of fact it is pretty small, but we divide it into areas of play that give the children their 'own' space if they wish. Some days I just take the older kids to the kitchen table and give them a 'special' assignment to work on.
Another special thing we added to the mix.....babies! By mid February we will have 3 of them under 1! I am now trying to figure out how to safely block the front area off so we can still have preschool stuff out for the others. Right now we just block with boxes.

Before Christmas I asked all the kids (all of them celebrate Christmas) what they wanted for the playroom from Santa. I told them Santa was coming to preschool this year and we needed to give him a list. One of the boys said he would like to have a GOOD set of know the kind where you can build things because they all go together. (I felt one has ever complained about the blocks before, but it was true, most the blocks I had were mismatched and hand made) So this is the block set that came and the shelving unit that goes with it. Yes it was spendy, but very worth every cent. I got them through The other items they wanted were new baby dolls, books, puzzles, cars...lot's of cool cars, flashlights, and an outside playhouse. I didn't get the playhouse, but we will have one built outside in the spring. The kids were so excited to come back from break and see all the new stuff!!We started off our first week with Ice, water, snow....I was trying to hold off with the snow until it actually snowed...and am still waiting! We did a white collage. We had White string, cotton balls, buttons, feathers, tissue paper, and stickers. They love the new flashlights...we are working on NOT shining in the face! :)Next day we painted on tinfoil with blues, purples, and white.....Here is Campbell enjoying her new friend Leigh! They are 3 months apart and will be great friends!! Oh my gosh....Quinn turned 3!!! I can't believe it!then we made snowmen...While I hung with the babies Korina observed this project. She talked about small, medium, large....and big, bigger, biggest....We set out popsicle sticks, poms, buttons, cotton balls, black felt hats, Q-tips, red straws cut up, and glue. Here are a few of the different snow men. Very Cute!They are very into the bottom of the fort lately....Here is Lexi coming out to say Hi for a sec.Dylan, Sam, and Bryan were all on the phone talking to family members :)


Dacia said...

I LOVE that picture of Campbell!! You should make sure her mom checks it out.

Michelle said...

So happy to see your new Post!! It looks like you have been very busy getting settled and used to those little ones. It has been hard for me to keep the preschoolers things out of reach of the little one but still in reach of the preschoolers. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Good luck and Happy New Year!! Look forward to reading about how things are going!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! Annie's back!! I have missed your posts!
We are close to 35 inches of snow. I'll Fedex you some!!

Annie's Alphabet said...

Good to hear from you Michelle and Bev! 35 inches of snow!! Don't tell my son! He reads the thermometer every day to see if it is on it's way. That would be funny if you could Fed Ex it! It is a challenge to keep those babes from eating EVERYTHING! They are so super cute though! And great for teaching patience!!

Cicely said...

I love the toothpicks of death sticking out of those cupcakes. Glad nobody lost an eye during the birthday celebration.