Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowball Fight!

We started out with cheese graters and soap. Yes, I have 8 cheese graters....wouldn't want to leave anyone out :) I use Dove for sensitive skin, and let the children grade away. I first let them know that the graters are sharp and demonstrate how to use them and how NOT to grade your fingers. A few of them took this job very serioiusly and grated the whole bar of soap...and yes there is more if they need it. Some just grated a litte...."What do we do when we are done??"Would you like me to wrap you in Toilet paper? Yeah! So we wrapped everyone up in toilet paper and they thought they were soooo strong being able to rip out of their capture.Dacia stopped by for a visit and got to help out....The Mighty Quinn....As they started to break out of their wrap, the natural thing is to throw it....we didn't have to say a word! Up in the air, on your head, and pretty soon we showed them how to roll it up to make a snowball. This was the best snowball fight I've ever had. It's warm, soft, and doesn't hurt when blindsided!It lasted for a good 40 minutes and Korina (My assistant) did not want to stop. "We should do this everyday Annie!"
We then gathered up big piles full of 'snow' and took it over to our buckets full of shaved soap. We added some warm water and stirred around and around. In the Lisa Murphy book, she calls it 'clean mud'. It is always a good indoor crazy activity! The kids love it and it's fairly cheap and easy to clean up! Just don't dispose of it down your sink....it will go into the garbage. We will leave it out a few days though....when it dries out a little, just add some more water.


Michelle said...

So Much Fun!!! Love the little Mummy's!!

Deborah Stewart said...

What a blast! I am going to add a link to this post from my "snowball fight" song!

Sprouts said...

Your daycare looks SO fun and you obviously love your job! I wonder, how do you get the parents to be "okay" with the messes on the kids and their clothes?? I want to do all these things at my daycare too, but I'm afraid the moms will be upset that the kids got paint on themselves!

Annie's Alphabet said...

Thank you Sprouts...I let the parents know in the beginning to wear 'daycare' clothes. After a few times staining clothes, they just keep wearing them. We are here to enjoy our day and our messes and I want the children to be free to create and learn and not worry about staining clothes. Luckily all my parents know that the learning and exploration going on here is much more important than fancy clothes. :)
So go for it Sprouts! Just warn your parents, and Liberate!! Let us know how it goes.
Deborah...do you have the snowball fight song?

Blue said...

Wonderfully Messy