Friday, March 12, 2010

around the room.....

Wes carried this hat full of people around with him all morning. Here he is observing a couple other kids passing out food to each other. He soon left and joined Dylan who was drawing. ...he took his people with him.
Dylan has recently become very interested in drawing. I am so excited about this! He is drawing some very detailed pictures with some great stories and here he is doing something so exciting! I was outlining something with a sharpie and when I was done he asked to use it. I let him and he started tracing something that he had drawn with pencil. Some people see just drawing...I see, writing, writing, writing! And...doing it on his own terms which means he will love, love, love it!
Alondra has also started wanting to write, EVERYWHERE! So...we set out some more clipboards and she carries it around with her! She can draw/write wherever she is!

Korina is reading some of our new Library books.

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