Friday, March 12, 2010

around the room....

Olivia designed and created this train track and she was very proud of her self. "Annie, Annie, you have to come see my train track! It is really cool!" And it is really cool. Quinn especially loved it!
It's hard to see, but lexi has all 3 paintbrushes in one hand. Such creativity this girl has!

Oh my goodness....Quinn has a Mr. Potato head arm and a small Mr. Potato head Santa cape. He sat on this fluffy little rug for about 25 minutes playing with these two little things. He would carefully wrap them up and upwrap them, then wrap them up again. So sweet and careing!

Somebody was bothering these two so they took their food into the box. Notice Lexi has our dog Washington close by. I lifted the flap to the box, right in the middle of a big bite!

I set these out today and Dylan is loving them. He was here for a good 25 minutes and then would come back periodically throughout the day to work a little here and there. Good math going on here.