Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This week we are talking aobut lemons and limes. At circle time we held them, talked about the differents sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. We brainstormed ideas of things you could make with lemons....muffins, lemonade, pie, sandwiches, mush, juice, etc. We then wanted to see what was inside. This is what we found. Lemons were yellow on the outside and yellow on the inside...we found seeds, juice, and pulp (new word). The limes were the same on the inside but were green like they were green on the outside. We then cut open the key lime. It was the smallest and green like the lime, but different from the lemon. Then.........

We tasted them. I thought for sure that they would hate it and never want to taste it again. WRONG...they made sour faces, but loved them. They loved the lemon, loved the lime..ewww for me....and loved the key lime...really ewww for me.

We then took them to the blue table and painted with them. Some made prints, some painted their hands, some used them to brush along the paper, but ALL smelled very yummy!! We liked the way our lemon paintings smelled!

Tomorrow....we will zest lemons for lemon bars and then cut our lemons in half, squeeze them out, add sugar and water, and drink up!!! Yummm!


Alissa said...

I love your circle time topic, and the art work looks great. I've been looking through your blog, very inspirational. From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!

Charla Pearen said...

This is a great activity that I will definitely want to do with the kids in my daycare when they are a bit older! Great site!
Charla (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)