Friday, February 11, 2011

Random around the room.....

Every couple days I need to figure out something new to hold my lil Quinns attention. Today, pom trees! hahaha....I thought this was a pretty darn good idea myself. :)

Addy and Hay were sitting in these chairs and started pretending that they were putting on seatbelts. WAIT!! I have some seatbelts!!! Korina velcro'd them to the back of the chair and boy were they a hit!! now we have a train (or whatever else they chairs may be) legally!!! :)

I put these bristle blocks out about 2 months ago...and they still aren't tired of them!

My favorite little blocks...Lunch time for the snake....mmmmmmThis rope on the climber never gets old. Jacob is helping up a friend!!I love my drums!! Worth every penny!Loralei loves to wear these on her head. The are the dancing scarves turned head wear :) we wear them too! They are kneeling on these groovy little satin seats I got in Spokane....I only got 3 (a tad spendy) but would like to invest in having one for each kiddo at circle time!!An old client brought by a box of random things....these masks are a hit!!!!!!

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