Thursday, May 29, 2008

around the room...

We got a new top for out sensory bin....cuuuute! We also got a new, smaller, sensory bin, so we use this one for water. Water bins on wood floors is a tricky thing, but so far they are very good about wiping up thier spills. With this bin comes a smaller tray that sits on top with tubes that the children can manipulate water flow. Sometimes I put one color in the small tray and another color in the bin. They get excited when they are mixing up the colors.
I added a net this week over the slide table. I also gave them an extra table...they were getting pretty cramped when they all (yes, all 8 of them sometimes tried to fit on the little checkered table) tried to climb aboard. I also added a long plastic tube with funnels on each end. One side is on the table and it goes through the box over to the kitchen area. They use it as a phone. 'Can you hear me now?' Here is the small sensory bin. It has bird seed in it right now.

The light table has clear plastic boards on it that the children love painting on. 'What happens to red and yellow when you mix it together?'
When I was in Canada I found the cutest toy store!! No shoes for this's all about the toys. I found these blocks with printed ants on them. It's a little like a are supposed to put the blocks together to form an ant trail. I Love them!....oh, so do the kids. They are on the table in front of the maps.
If you look can see the chair that Connor painted for me. I will tell that story later. I am sure it will be worth a fortune some day!

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