Thursday, May 1, 2008


I went to the garden show in February and fell in love with one of the gardens. Our garden was supposed to include a chicken coop....but certain family members were not on the same page as me, soooo...we compromised on just the garden part. We used a company called Colin is the one in charge of our project and he and his farmers did a great job! This is the before picture.....
Getting up all the grass.... adding the bricks (not an easy task as the side dips down quite a bit) and the compost.
The veggies are in. We have sugar peas, carrots, arugala (sp?), broccoli, etc... They will come back in a few weeks to add some other veggies.
They also added a grape vine....3 different types of seedless grapes, Yup, you can grow Kiwi here. I had no idea it would grow here and am soooo excited! The kids will love to pick fruit and veggies and eat them! We also have blueberries and strawberries in the front yard. YUM! Hurry up sun!

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