Thursday, May 1, 2008

bungie cord togetherness...

These guys were cracking me up. When they first started this game they were pulling each other (with great force) to the ground. They were laughing sooo hard it would take them a moment to collect themselves, stand up, and yank the other one to the ground. In the previous video you can hear them screaming with delight with the power that they possesed over each other.
As they tired of being jolted, they started communicating with each other as to where they were going and what to do to keep themselves upright. "No, you go this way, I'm going over here, so you need to walk the same way I do." "But I wanna go this way." "Okay....(Yank...he falls), go this way with me (she already has the girl over boy power...)"
They stayed hooked up like this for about 45 minutes. Open ended objects (items without a specific way to use them) have unlimited possibilities. Love them!

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