Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sand and Spray Bottles...flower week

We started out all nice and tidy....
Glue first, then add the colored sand, and put excess back into jar....They moved on to transfering and mixing the colored sand....After they were done mixing all the colors they wanted to add water...mix it all up...and make a big mess! That's okay...it's all about the process.....We had 6 different colors to spray...I didn't make the color strong enough, but they still enjoyed the project. The bottles are pretty difficult to spray with just your finger, so they had to come up with different ways to figure it out. Jence used all the colors :) ....right now he is counting them. Which started a 'I have more than you' contest between him and Olivia. Great counting!! and more or less observations! The first couple of times she squirted herself.... she is looking at the bottle here to see what is up....She figured it out!

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