Thursday, September 27, 2007


The workers were here sealing the driveway today with some pretty smelly acrylic stuff so turned the dining room into a crazy, get all your wiggles out, room. They JUMPED, and JUMPED, and JUMPED! A few crashes were felt, but no major owies!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Bryan is telling me all about the hamster. 'The hamster has a wheel that spins around and a bottle for water...I have a bottle, but not like that one. The hamster has food and buries himself under the woodchips. The hamsters name is Joey. What are wood chips? Can we go outside?' He doesn't actually say those things to me, but I know that is what he is trying to say. We just put Joey down on the table so he is easier to see. He was down before....but one of my very inquizitive little ones wondered what would happen if he filled up Joeys home with toys....or maybe he was just sharing. Time to go outside....
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Monday, September 24, 2007

The daycare, Sept. 2007

We look good don't we? We look like we are in the mists of a small jungle, minus the side of the basketball hoop. Look....4 boys and 4 girls. I don't think that has ever happend in the history of my daycare! I usually have mostly boys, or mostly girls! We are already off to a smashing good start with the 3 oldest sponges...They will definitly be ready for Kindergarten. Off to build some houses.....what do you need to make sure your house doesn't fall down?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Learning about ourselves and our 5 senses....Dashia brought in some spices,Thank you. So we decided to make a spice collage. The room smelled delicious. Cumin, basil, allspice, cinnamon, paprika, curry, and tarragon.
This is what the kids had to say:
This is a pizza. I have celery and nuts. These are all pizzas. This is the bigger pizza. Look how flat this is getting. Mine are animals. I'm making pizza with broccoli, tomatos, and Turkey.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Me and Kahia being friends. Me and Ashley are being friends and having
a good day. Were not even fighting. Me and
Ashley are playing cards and I told Ashley that it
was OK to peek. So she had her pile and I had my
own pile. The cards were fun when Kahia and
me were peeking under the pile.

We're painting a picture for our moms. I am painting yellow and blue. When I get paint on my hands I can wash it. I love to paint and do projects and be with all my friends and I like to play with them.

Me and Greta were making soup for our Kitten. We
are putting the spices in the bowl and we put it into
the oven and we take it out and feed it to our kitten
and then we cook some more and feed it to our selves.

Friday, September 14, 2007

School Bus Friends

these school buses are great! They were excited that all their
friends were in the school bus with them.

I love my friends. My friends are nice. My friends always like to be nice to me and to help Kamil in the school bus when he doesn't have his strap on he will fall out. I like to be at my school and I like to have a good day with my friends. I like to be outside today with all my friends........

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nap Time

Nap time is a beautiful thing....
Sleeping angels!!

We are reading 'If you take a mouse to school' by,
We are making our own mice. We have eyes, and tails, and ears, and paint, and glue. I am making 10. I want lot's of mouses. I am making one for everyone.

last day for Max

Max brought in cupcakes for his last day. Have fun in your new adventure Max. Whenever I see any sort of construction trucks, I will always think of you. We love you Max and we will miss you. Especially Connor.


Cherry tomato's are so very yummy. Between these 2 they ate almost 1/2 the container.

New Bikes

Our new bikes arrived! They are so much fun. Drew is helping us take them out of the box. Now we can race down the new driveway.

Cement Truck!

The Cement Truck came today to finish the driveway. Sooo exciting!

They worked hard to make the driveway nice and smooth.