Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cute or Scary?.....

Fairy Greta and lil bro Kanga and Roo. Mason LOVES his baby roo! I was trying to tell him a baby Kangaroo is a Joey (our hamsters name) and he wouldn't have any of that nonsense! Giddy-up Kamil....He wasn't too keen on having his picture taken, not even with Greta.
Awwww.....Two little fairy princess' angelic....
And then there is FRANK. Connor would not take his costume off for nothin! He loves it. Watch out Fairy Girls....Here comes FRANKENSTEIN!

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween?
Greta: It's when you have to carve a pumpkin and you have to get one first. Then when your done carving them, you put a light in it, then put on your costume, and then start to eat.
Ashley: It's where you get candy and then you get home and bring some to your teacher and say Thank you, I love you Annie. (I swear I didn't tell her to say that!)
Olivia: (I have to remember to let Olivia to go before Ashley) Where you get candy from your class...I love you soooo much Annie....I'm your sister. (?)
Connor: When you dress up and get candy.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Still Life Watercolors

First we looked at the pumpkins shapes and lines. Then we drew the pumpkins with a pencil and then we copied it over with a black crayon. Then we painted on it with all the colors.
'A Pumpkin Girl' by Ashley
'Pumpkin Neighbor' by Greta
'A Pumpkin Rainbow' by Olivia

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Washing Pumpkins

We washed our pumpkins....nice and sparkely clean. Mason enjoyed dumping his pumpkin into the water. He did this over and over and over.....'Whered the water go Annie?' 'I dunno Mason...where do you think it went?' 'It jumped!' Yes it did.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brainstorm... Pumpkin Patch

Before we left for the Pumpkin Patch, we brainstormed ideas of what we might see there. These were the ideas. *Pumpkins*Cool Pumpkins*Tractors*Mud Pies*Green Pumpkins*Long Stems*Yellow Pumpkins*Purple Pumpkins*Pink Pumpkins*A lot of People and *Fat Pumpkins.
Tomorrow we will review what we actually saw compared to our list. We will then review the sequence of our day in detail.
After nap today we will wash our Pumpkins outside in this super warm weather!
Connor found some mushy pumpkins! Good thing we had our boots!

Dacia's car was full of Pumpkins....and mud. Thank you so much Dacia and Karen for Driving us up to the Pumpkin Patch!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Patch! It was freakishly hot today....and many of the pumpkins were rotting, but we had a great time.

Friday, October 19, 2007


We Love our Boots!
Boots can Run and Jump.
Boots can Splish and Splash.
Boots can Walk and Stomp.
Boots can get Muddy and Boots can get Dirty.
Boots can get Sparkely and when they get
Dirty again they can get washed and get cleaned.
Best of all....We can put on and take off our own boots!
Annie Loves our Boots!

S is for Spider

GRETA: Sometimes our spiders eat bigger bugs on their web. Then they go and walk a little bit and then they jump back to their web. That's it.
ASHLEY: When spiders eat bigger bugs we always say "you spiders are great at getting big bugs." I love you. When we love them we always like theim for every time. When we make spiders it look so cool. When we do stuff for spiders we use eyes and different colors on them. When we always do that we just like putting little feet on them and we like them becauss they eat big bugs. and alwyas when we do that it looks so pretty.
OLIVIA: We used legs for our spiders.
KAMIL: Spider. Eyes.
MASON: Spiders crawl on people. Spiders throw up. (?)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chillin' with me pal

These two are becoming little pals. I gave them each a cup of crackers. They both went to sit on the stairs.They started sharing...back and forth...adding crackers and taking crackers from each other. They were giggling and having a great time. Then they ran out of crackers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A is for Apple

Today we painted with fluffy paint. I just squirted it onto the table and let them have at it.
Ashley:"When me and Greta and Mason and Kamil and Connor and Olivia and when we paint it's fun. If we paint thats fine but if we don't paint it's OK. "
Greta:"I like to paint with pink paint. Pink paint is my favorite. I like to paint with all my friends. We are painting Apples. Red Pink Delicious ones. "

Googly Eye Glasses

$1.99 for 4 of these amazing glasses at Target!! Love these silly glasses. Love Target.
These are called open ended play items: They use them for magnafying glasses, doctor glasses, veteranarian glasses, kitty glasses, outerspace glasses, hammering glasses, painting glasses, and just pretending to see glasses.....see dinosaurs, crocodiles, spiders, fire, and fireworks, just to name a few.

Potato/Apple Smashers

Smashing is fun...especailly with paint. This photo looks quite calm compared to the end of the day. Lot's of color mixing and splating! I tried to send at least one painting home with the children, even though they each made least 5.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Ashley: Our house has toys inside and is a different color. My house is purple. I have a driveway and green trees. We have an Apple tree. We have a door, windows, and a backyard.

Greta: My new house looks like it has all sorts of colors in my bedroom. There is a ladybug on my window. We park in our spot and we take the key and unlock it. We go upstairs. We have a new floor and all new paint.

Kahia: My house looks like color orange. We go upstairs to get to the front door. My babysitter paints my room. I have dandilions in my yard.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Crazy Daycare Mirror

We were having fun with
the crazy daycare mirror.
For 1/2 an hour we sat here
laughing at ourselves. Greta
couldn't get over how long
her toungue could get.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sharing Hotai

This is Hotai. My mom
brought Hotai to my
daycare to see my friends.
This is my gramas dog.
I love Hotai.
My friends love Hotai.
Today we painted the wood
sculptures we made last week.
Their stories are interesting,
so ask them to tell you a little
about their sculpture.


Kamil loved the car painting!
He was here for a good 1/2 hour.
Back and forth...Back and forth.
Then he lined them all in a row.
Messy, but fun!

Monday, October 1, 2007

"5 reason to stop saying 'good job'"

Here is a great article for all. click on the link and then on the article 'five reasons to stop saying 'good job'. There are other great articles....check them out.