Friday, March 12, 2010


Some of you may think 'oh my gosh, no way'....some may think 'very cool!'....I think 'so much learning is going on right here', not to mention Quinn is very engaged, calm, quiet, lovely, and green. We did this with the older kids and it lasted about 15-20 minutes. They used up stuff quickly and got a little invested, but not like Quinn. Our lil Quinn was here for over an hour!! What we had here were mounds of baking soda in a tin container and baby food jars with yellow and blue vinegar with pipettes.
It started out like this.....

Mixing blue and yellow together......

He is also working on his fine motor skills with the pipettes....and finding out what happens when blue and yellow are mixed together, and what happens when you add vinegar to baking soda, and 'what is that funny smell anyway?'....vinegar

Hmmmm, what would happen if I put it up here on my arm? And not only is he watching it fall from his arm in different patterns, but when it drys it leaves a different pasty feel on your hand that cracks and peels...he liked that too!
Here he is pulling it up from the bottom and dripping it back in off his fingers, because it is watery on top and gooey on the bottom.....Don't EVER let anyone tell you this little one is ADD cuz he's not! You just need to find what interests him! :)

'Washington' our pup

We are doing a pen pal program with a daycare in London called 'cheeky Monkeys'. I have yet to post it, but we went to build a bear and made this pup and named him 'Washington'. We are taking pictures of him with the kids at their houses and around our daycare room. Well, Lexi LOVES him. I might have to go again so we can make another friend! Our goal is to put a book together and then send Washington and the book to the daycare in London. They also have a bear named Wellington that they are going to send to us.
Here, Lexi is reading him a story.
Again, she is sharing some quiet time with him. Everyday she comes in and asks for Washington. :)

around the room....

Olivia designed and created this train track and she was very proud of her self. "Annie, Annie, you have to come see my train track! It is really cool!" And it is really cool. Quinn especially loved it!
It's hard to see, but lexi has all 3 paintbrushes in one hand. Such creativity this girl has!

Oh my goodness....Quinn has a Mr. Potato head arm and a small Mr. Potato head Santa cape. He sat on this fluffy little rug for about 25 minutes playing with these two little things. He would carefully wrap them up and upwrap them, then wrap them up again. So sweet and careing!

Somebody was bothering these two so they took their food into the box. Notice Lexi has our dog Washington close by. I lifted the flap to the box, right in the middle of a big bite!

I set these out today and Dylan is loving them. He was here for a good 25 minutes and then would come back periodically throughout the day to work a little here and there. Good math going on here.


I put out some shamrock shapes, gold tinsel, glue, and some paint.
Olivia wanted something 'sparkely' so we got out some sequins....I didn't have the energy for glitter that day. :)

around the room.....

Wes carried this hat full of people around with him all morning. Here he is observing a couple other kids passing out food to each other. He soon left and joined Dylan who was drawing. ...he took his people with him.
Dylan has recently become very interested in drawing. I am so excited about this! He is drawing some very detailed pictures with some great stories and here he is doing something so exciting! I was outlining something with a sharpie and when I was done he asked to use it. I let him and he started tracing something that he had drawn with pencil. Some people see just drawing...I see, writing, writing, writing! And...doing it on his own terms which means he will love, love, love it!
Alondra has also started wanting to write, EVERYWHERE! So...we set out some more clipboards and she carries it around with her! She can draw/write wherever she is!

Korina is reading some of our new Library books.

Library Bus!

Each Month on the first Thursday, Jim comes in his big ol bus. The kids get so excited to see his happy face! And Jim is always excited to see the kids. One day he wore a big silly hat! Here he is reminding the kids the rules of the bus. They each get to pick out one book that stays at daycare and I get to pick as many as I like. :)Wesley is following one of the very important rules...hold on to the handles when you are walking up or down the big huge steps!