Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got Mail?

We are talking about mail this week. We are talking about things like, where does mail go? Who takes it there? The fact that we need a stamp (and where to put it) or the mailman won't take it. Talking about addresses and names. We have some new friends in London at the Cheeky Monkey Childcare, and so we sent them some valentines! They have a Loooong address compared to ours.
As we were taking our mail out to the mailbox....We had mail!!! Armaans mum sent a package for Armaan and a package for the other kids. Thank you!!! They were so excited to open it and we worked on the activity while we were waiting for lunch to be ready.

Armaan LOVES his photo collage!! He keeps going back to look at it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine collage....

Korina set out paper, doilies, cut out hearts, heart stickers, heart puffy 'sayings' stickers, and red straw pieces...with glue. Olivia asked what all the sayings were on the hearts. They said things like....LOL, BFF, Love You, Text Me, and Be Mine. She memorized them and read them back to all the kids. :) She will be reading by the time she goes to school!
Q-tip painting with all the Valentine colors.....

We got out tin foil...I thought to paint on, Olivia had a different idea. She cut it up and glued it to her painting....very good idea Olivia!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is part of our new science area. I want to do a few more things to it before I totally blog about it. They really like what is already there! Right now I put in pink playdough that smells like vanilla and cinnamon, smooth shiney rocks, large noodles, copper cake pans, heart placemats, and later I added heart cupcake papers.
In the sensory bin there is a variety of colors of rice. I made it simply by adding dropfuls of liquid watercolor from www.discountschoolsupply I added heart playing cards they can match up and heart containers.

The easle has pink, white, purple, and red....They all decided to come into the messy room this morning. I did just put out the playdough...nice and warm. The other table has some stamping. I just added some liquid watercolor to paper towel strips and let them stamp away with heart stamps.Armaan and Alondra are sitting in the reading area and Alondra was reading him a book. Of course she moved before I could take the shot. She loves to 'take care' of him!