Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boomers world

A view of lunch time from Boomers standpoint. Oh, how I've missed having a little automatic hoover around to clean up the floor!!......Can you guess your babies feet?


These pictures are just too cute.....Olivia was trying to persuade Connor to hand over his shovel....she gave him a stare down....he didn't budge. Boomer ran by and she was off.....
awwww.....good boomer.
Back to digging....


We had a few moments of sun today and took full advantage. We played outside for over an hour and the kids still did not want to go in, but it was lunch time. Ohhhh we miss the sun!......then during nap time the clouds started to empty yet again.

Look closely at Kamils jacket (it's upside down).....he was determined to put in on himself and refused any help what so ever! It still kept him warm....and nobody said a word.

listening center

We got a new listening center. The kids LOVE it! They can listen to the stories whenever they want. They are in control and it's nice that the headphones block out noise around the room. But don't worry...this won't replace our group and individual story time....just another way of promoting literacy and independance.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Sluuurrrrp. mmmmm. Were havin some Chicken Dino's, rolls, corn, frozen blueberries, and milk.

Valentine stuff

Bryan wasn't too sure about this activity but he gave it a go.
Ashley looked up at me "Annie....I put red and white together!" my reply...oh yeah (because I am waiting....) "It made pink! Red and White make Pink!"

"I am making something for Lainey. When she is not here she can't even know what it is. And she can't tell because it is wrapped. I like Lainey, and I know she is not here everyday, and that is why I made it for her."

The light table

We are watercoloring at the light table. Look up..... Who is up there?
I see my painting....

I put a mirror on the ceiling to reflect light and to give them a different perspective.

Process vs Product

The kids were working hard on emptying out the glue bottles. (very good for finger, small motor strength) I always keep a ton of glue on hand! Remember....the process is the most important part, not the product. Watching glue drip is a very mezmorizing activity. Cutting is also just as facinating! Cut away Kamil!.....Just as long as it is paper.

So, when you see your darling child's crazy art work....just know that lot's of thought and imagination has gone into it.
Don't forget to ask them about their project....not what is it (because they may not know) but "Tell me about your picture" or "What's happening in your picture"

Around the room...

"Jesse always plays with me. I am making dinner. Jesse is getting out the stuff. We are making soup with chicken and noodles. I was cooking and it was almost ready and then it dinged. Jesse is sooo cute and we always pretend to get married. We do that always when we see each other because we love each other."
"The cars are going down. Cars go way up high. Cars go way up to the roof. "

Dawson is adding candles to the cakes and Bryan and Kamil are looking at books. We are getting ready for circle time.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new friend

We have a new friend. His name is Dawson. He has done great for his first couple of days at daycare. Connor really looks after him!...makes sure he has what he needs. He loves puzzles! He also really likes Drew. He was following him around this morning.
Welcome Dawson. I think you are fitting in super!

Hide and seek

Connor started a game of hide and seek under the sensory table. The kids would cover the table and then quickly move it all away so they could see Connor. He was cracking up!!
Hey....were did everyone go???...... Ohhhh.....there they are!!

snow scribbles

We are painting with Qtips on a clear plastic sheet. These are easily washed so they can start over. We have also laid paper on top to make prints....but they chose not to do that today. Later they added blue.