Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quinn in a box....

Goin in....
All snug and fit...

Close the box...Wheres Quinn??

There he issss......

Here I am!
About 40 joke...he played in this box. In and and out. So cute Quinn!

around the room...circus

We made ice cream cones with real sprinkles! The older ones wrote numbers on their scoops to show how many were on the cone. They even have cherries (buttons) on top!

I filled some balloons with rice and we painted with Large, medium, and small.

We are going to have popcorn for snack so we made circus popcorn bags this morning using bingo dobbers on white lunch was more like a hammering project.

Nothing better than hot playdough! I made some new playdough this morning. Mmmmm, it smells vanilla yummy. There are clowns, shapes, and ice cream cone cutters.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

around the room...circus...

Everyone is busy playing....learning.
Practicing our hopping on circles...

Quincy is engaged in the water flow of our orange tube....

They all love this fisher price circis train.....

Jence is designing his own pattern on this circus ball.

Around the room...circus...

The light table has the color builders. Kelly is choosing to stack them up rather then connecting them. The colors change when the light comes through multiple pieces. Connor is building a big kankalizer? The bad guys on narnia have them. ??

Painting tiles with red and yellow.

"Hey guys...hey guys....look! Red and yellow mixed up make orange!"
Yes!!! Learning through thoughtful play....the thoughtful part...setting out yellow and red to mix.

The water table has balls, boats, and a medical baister (? what is that called?)....and orange water.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Jence!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jence,
Happy Birthday to you!!!! Make a wish.....

Welcome to the world Brayden

So Beautiful!! Conner is showing off his lil bro....Brayden. He is such a proud big brother.
Congratulations Dacia and Corey...he is perfect.

New Sink!!

We got a new sink in the playroom! I have wanted one forever and finally saved enough money to put one in. Its great! Even the little ones can reach. Now they LOVE washing their hands....sometimes a little too much.We appropriatly put it in the messy(craft/paint/sensory/playdough) part of the daycare.
Brian is waiting in line....Also notice I took out the large shelving units. One is the corner...but the sink took up valuable space so I needed to find it somewhere else.

Around the room Valentines

Olivia and I worked together on this little city. She has a great imagination.Olivia says...."I play with the blocks. I like playing with the blocks. We were building a house for me."
Everyone working hard at their 'jobs'.

I can not remember what this cool stuff is called but I put this out instead of playdough this week. They love it...and the cool thing doesn't dry out. It reminds me of dip n dots.

Bryan is working hard on the puzzles. He is very good them. Even on the hard ones he works until he can figure it out.

A birds eye view of the heart strips. My intent was to do some patterning...But today they were very intent on doing it thier I let them. We did talk alot about small, medium, large.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am so excited to intoduce Kelly and Jackson! They are twins and turned 3 in October. They are super sweet and I am really glad they found our home.
Welcome guys!

They made up this silly game, so I HAD to get my camera. Notice Jence is holding on super hard so he doesn't get pushed off. They usually don't all play the same game at once so I thought this was pretty darn cute. They did this aobut 100 times.

Valentines... around the room

The sensory bin is filled with purple, pink, violet, and white rice. I use the colorations watercolor to color the rice. Super easy! Just put some rice in a bag, add color, shake up, and pour out. Sponge heart painting...Large, medium, and small.I got these Birthday cakes at Lakeshore Learning. The kids LOVE these! Anna is reading the directions to Olivia. and Bryan is singing Happy Birthday to himself.Heart at the Easle. Red and White make....Quincy is sharing his gluing ability with Jackson. Glue is sooo cool. Watercolor table...