Tuesday, November 29, 2011

counting people

Here is a great example of how children learn through
I love how they started this on their own!!
I only wish I didn't comment near the end...because I am
pretty sure they were already going there.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

outside play

So, here are some photos of our yard. I strive to create areas within our yard that will encourage curiosity, empowerment, difficulty, challenge, safety with a sense of danger. children will seek out danger....I strive to give them that sense in a safe atmosphere. they need to experience risk in order to get a sense of self...a sense of what they can and can not do. My space encourages self esteem....we never help the kids 'get places'. Meaning...they cannot go down the slide until they can climb up to the slide. It helps them work harder to achieve what they want. a sense of pride :) The yard is always changing....the next large thing I am going to add is a water station! It will be a do-it-yourself water station. I am so excited. After that we will create an outside music adventure!!

our playhouse....there is a play kitchen, table, and chairs inside. There is also a window with 'shutters' that open and close and it is low enough to the ground so they can climb in and out.
colored stepping stones. i am wanting to add more next summer to create a long 'game board' :)I do not use saucers inside the house, but it works great outside, so the little ones can be in the middle of the action

strawberries....we also have apple trees, a plum tree, blueberry bushes, and random herbs around the yard. I am hoping to put in grapes soon......
we have a large eucalyptus tree....it smells soooooo yummy! especially when you rub the leaves
'bumping' on the teeter-totter is super fun!
Korina is in feeding our chickens.....
we brought the table out of the playhouse and had a little snack outside :)
we LOVE when the garbage man comes!! he even stopped and gave us coloring books last week!!
watching the bunnies....
snow is cold. snow is wet. snow is yummy. snow is the best!!
our driveway is long. it makes the best place to ride bikes down or these rainbow rollors.

Korina rides bikes with everyone
Bryan is hanging out reading a book....we have certain books that stay outside on the deck.
My son Dayton is enjoying a little game with the boys
we just got new sand....oh boy is it ever great!!

water....the bestest

this is not at my house....but it sure is cool, isn't it?? :)

I found this at the 're-store' in ballard. not sure what it was, but it makes a great ladder!! the kids can move it around the yard and climb....

Looking for worms....
learning about trikes....

these steps are great. the kids go up, go down, on foot and on the bikes, the count, they jump, climb, crawl, skip, run, and hop on those steps.
the deck. to the left is the sign in sheet and a menu calendar. to the right is a bench and chairs for everyone to 'hang out'. they are not allowed to ride the bikes on the deck.
I love tree stumps!! they are jumping, dancing, or sitting platforms. they are tables, chairs, or 'ovens'. I have them all over the yard...and they are free!!!

hangin outside with some books.....
our slides are for up and down!. we slide down forwards, upside down, backwards, and sometimes on our feet. there is a rope there that they can pull themselves up the slide with.

eating strawberries off the bush....yummmm.....

I just liked this one.....

these aren't mine....but I think it is quite clever....I also love tires, and they are free!!!

new sand.....
water table....
this is a hammock that hangs on the deck. the kids love having some quiet time here. they are not allowed to swing big...only rock. this has been a savior for some kids that have come through here. I am adding more next summer throughout the yard.

these aren't mine....but I am doing this!!! I love this idea!!! for inside and outside!!

washing pumpkins! this was their own idea....
I purchased a bunch of planks at home depot. they love moving them around and making different obstacles. they are heavy enough to make it a challenge...but not too heavy that they can not do it.