Friday, February 11, 2011


Matching hearts.....large, medium, small, one through 5, and color matching.
The hearts in the basket match the hearts on the heart. :)

CUTE! I put up purple hearts with the childrens names on them and then made different color hearts with their names on them. They have velcro on the back and they need to match all the names to the right ones. Great for name recognition.

They are not all up here...but color recognition, sizes, counting how many, and matching colors. They also love to put these in little baskets and carry them around the room :)

Valentines....Be Mine

I saw this on someone elses blog...I just wrapped string around blocks...some printed, some smooshed it around to make strokes, some just globbed. I think I will use bigger blocks next time and a little less paint. But I like this. :)

Patterning :)

Sponges with liquid watercolor make great stamp pads!! We started out making hearts with fingerprints and decided that using your whole hand was soooooo much coooooler!

This is a nipple that you would use to feed a calf.....makes great circles!It sure is hard not to eat the candy hearts that we are using for project!!!!!!!Salt Tray.....

Random around the room.....

Every couple days I need to figure out something new to hold my lil Quinns attention. Today, pom trees! hahaha....I thought this was a pretty darn good idea myself. :)

Addy and Hay were sitting in these chairs and started pretending that they were putting on seatbelts. WAIT!! I have some seatbelts!!! Korina velcro'd them to the back of the chair and boy were they a hit!! now we have a train (or whatever else they chairs may be) legally!!! :)

I put these bristle blocks out about 2 months ago...and they still aren't tired of them!

My favorite little blocks...Lunch time for the snake....mmmmmmThis rope on the climber never gets old. Jacob is helping up a friend!!I love my drums!! Worth every penny!Loralei loves to wear these on her head. The are the dancing scarves turned head wear :) we wear them too! They are kneeling on these groovy little satin seats I got in Spokane....I only got 3 (a tad spendy) but would like to invest in having one for each kiddo at circle time!!An old client brought by a box of random things....these masks are a hit!!!!!!