Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Photos...

Everyone got a Micky lollipop from Disneyland....

Olivia was having some quiet time while eating her lollipop....

Anna is building a little city under the climber....

This is a project we did...I set out popsicle sticks and glue and they created...then after they dried they watercolored their creations. Love your shirt Connor :)This is Korina, She is our new teacher. She is great and the kids already love her!Water, water, water.....These guys are working hard to get the water to the top of the slide....down it goes...water at the bottom....Good cooperation happing here....I set out two trays: one yellow, one blue. I place forks, sponges, circle cookie cutters, and qtips next to the trays. Kelly wanted to paint her whole sheet while Jackson made prints....I added some small planting pots to the rice. Quincy just found out they have holes in the bottom....coooooool....Color mixing at the light table....I love this picture of Olivia....She has been riding around on her bike carrying water in a bucket. She would water plants and ride back to the pool, fill her bucket up, put it back on the bike and ride to the next watering spot. She stopped here at the tree....thought for a bit....and....started painting the tree. :)Then she went to sweep....and apparently sand is a great cleaning agent....These cute kids are watching Drew clean the pool...very intriguing....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bunny update....

They are 13 days old today....Their eyes should be opening soon. This is "Paws"...Olivia named this one. It looks like he might be lionhead like his papa.
This is "McQueen"...any guesses who named this one?.....Jence.

This is Moto....Drew named him...cause he is so fat and looks most like his dad, Froto.
This is "Carrots"....Connor named him. He is my favorite....not sure why...I am pretty sure he is the runt of the group and very odd looking. We shall see in time....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have baby bunnies!!

My son came home after school on Thursday to find this lump of fur in the cage. Scared for the momma...not knowing what was going on...He went to pet the momma, and seeing that she wasn't moving much, started to pick her up. To his surprise...she was in the middle of childbirth!!....DAD!!!!

They saw these creepy looking little creatures. ..4 of them. Not many people know that bunnies are born very bald. No fur...not any. These guys in this picture are about 5 days old. In another 5 days they should have more fur and their eyes will open. The momma doesn't hang out with her youngins and only feeds them about once or twice a day...usually later in the evening or first thing in the morning.I am excited to be able to bring such an experience to your little ones! In about 6 weeks they will be ready to find new homes. Bunny hutches aren't hard to make.... :) cute!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Today when I handed the children their Muffin Tin lunches, I had them look at them and find things that were the same. I purposly added things today that were similar...Here is what they came up with.
Olivia...Orange carrots to orange cheese to orange jelly bean!!
Connor....Green beans to green Jelly Bean!!
Jence....White Jelly Bean to white bread to white banana!!
Connor...Wait Annie...I forgot one...Purple Jelly Bean to Purple Jelly!!

Can you think of anything else?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

First we painted....Then we added dirt...Added the beautiful daisies....and added more dirt....Happy Mothers Day!!! We love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sand and Spray Bottles...flower week

We started out all nice and tidy....
Glue first, then add the colored sand, and put excess back into jar....They moved on to transfering and mixing the colored sand....After they were done mixing all the colors they wanted to add water...mix it all up...and make a big mess! That's's all about the process.....We had 6 different colors to spray...I didn't make the color strong enough, but they still enjoyed the project. The bottles are pretty difficult to spray with just your finger, so they had to come up with different ways to figure it out. Jence used all the colors :) ....right now he is counting them. Which started a 'I have more than you' contest between him and Olivia. Great counting!! and more or less observations! The first couple of times she squirted herself.... she is looking at the bottle here to see what is up....She figured it out!