Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fill her up

Campbells mama is expecting a baby any day. Last week when Campbell came in, she was extra fussy and whiney. She would follow us around the room with her hands up, and ask for her mama. A frown from a friend would send her into a sobbing cry. We knew she was anxious, and we would hold her and talk to her...but mostly we were busy working with all the kiddos.
This morning she came into the room with puffy eyes and tears rolling down her adorable lil cheek. I knew we needed a different approach. Something that we often forget to do when we are busy with our own day to day things.
I cuddled her close and didn't let go until she was ready. We sat on the floor and shared a pillow for our heads. I sang to her, and read to her, and cuddled her. If I had to get up, I would scoop her up and take her with me. It's not always easy to do this when there are so many other kiddos, but nobody seemed to mind today. About an hour and a half after she arrived she stood up and wondered off. She was full. She needed an emotional fill up. She needed to know I was there for her today...and as soon as she got everything that she needed, she was as happy as can be!! I love you miss Campbell and you are going to make an amazing big sister!!