Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soooo Happppyyyyyy!!!!!

Leigh is soooo happy!!! 45 minutes of jumping and dancing in the water!!

just a little water.....

We did it!! We got wet today!! So fun!!
 I added running water to the edge of the sandbox and it filled, and filled, and filled up!! Rivers!!!! yelled the kids! Oh how I love warm sunny days and water.
 While the older ones dove right in....the younger ones watched and processed and slowly tried it out.
 Nathan...of course...jumped right into the middle. He was in little kid heaven!! Surrounded by water, mud, rivers, boats, buckets, and dump trucks......

 jumping in puddles is a must!!

 Leigh was also with such joy. Jumping over and over and over. Sooooo happy!!!!
 Jordan found her spot!!

 quick shower......

more outside pics's so pretty here in Seattle!! (Bellevue)
 So, so, so, sweet when the older kids 'take care' of the younger ones!!!
 It's a race!!! On your marks, get set, GO!!
 The kids at blueberry were 'showing' me around today. Here is the boat Annie!!!
 Hi Ally!!!
 Nothing like a 'secret' passage way....a feeling of "we shouldn't be going this way...hopefully nobody is watching!" have the bestest smile!!
 I hear a plane!!!

 Whatcha doin in the middle of the flowers Noah?? lol....
 Bubble time.....
 Hmmmm......bubbles are fun for a little while.....
 then when your whole body is covered in bubbles it's time to wash off.....but look!!! foot prints!!
 Hop Hop Hop!!!

 scooping with a friend....
 I wonder what sort of print my shoes will make??? hmmmm.....

 Alex just really loved standing here.

 Look!! My feet tracks!!
 How about a tractor?
Or a broom? Uh oh......lunch time.....more water fun after nap. Your kids will be wet today when you pick them up!! Just a heads up :))

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lil bits an pieces of our days....

It's hard to write about each picture when uploading from my phone.... But here are some pictures of inside and out, over the last few days. I am truly blessed to be able to care for all your children!!! They are so amazing :) Nathan's love for his little sister, Leigh's love of nature and animals, and all the love they ALL have for each other :) so blessed!!!!